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Excell Voice Studio offers customised voice lessons, designed to fit your level and your musical tastes (pop, rock, jazz, blues...), as well as lessons of acting for singers. 

Singers can use effective tools to help their skills to shine, to augment the quality of their performances and to enhance the pleasure they experience while singing, whether it be at home, in front of friends or on a professional stage.

Your vocal coach, Diane Douet, can also help you work on your speaking voice, your confidence and your performance level. Whatever questions you may have, please contact us : we will work on them together !

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Take your voice lesson at home from all around the world, choose online lessons !

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All you need is :

  • a fast internet connection (ADSL, optical fiber ...)
  • a webcam
  • a microphone (the one of your computer or an external one)
  • Skype free software

Then all you have to do is call us, schedule your lesson, pay the fee... and get ready to sing !



"Diane is not only a vocal coach, but is a rare find as a performance coach, specializing in acting and presentation for the singer. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be a complete and effective performer. Her personal style and ability to get to the heart of the issue will be an asset to any performance style." (Rhonda Carlson, international vocal coach, Las Vegas - USA)


Diane Douet is a voice teacher, and a professional singer in a rock band and a jazz band. She is specialized in acting for singers and stage performance, and also works a lot on the speaking voice (teachers, interpreters, lawyers, actors...). She has also worked for a web radio and in a professional recording studio ; now she accompanies singers in their recording experiences.

She's been trained by international level teachers for vocal technique and for acting for singers. She is certified by the Institute for Vocal Advancement, an international association well-known for the quality of its educational methods, especially on mixed voice. She is also a certified mental coach.

She works with amateur as well as professionnal singers / speakers. Her broad knowledge of the vocal environment is a powerful tool to help you reaching your goals.


PRICES (singing and speaking voice)

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